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A Unique Benefit for One of Life’s Most Difficult Moments

The death of an employee has ripple effects on other employees, managers, your HR team and most importantly, their family. With emotions running high, the thought of having to unwind the deceased’s financial life only adds to the stress and anxiety of their loved ones. For many, it’s an overwhelming, complicated process and something they have never done before.

What does this have to do with your organization? With Cerity Partners Beneficiary Financial Counseling, you have an opportunity to ease this stress while positively impacting your firm.

  • Helping a family navigate the maze of financial decisions and paperwork honors the deceased employee’s memory and their contributions to your success.
  • It also builds loyalty and aids in retention. Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that genuinely cares about their family’s future financial well-being.
  • Cerity Partners serves as the dedicated contact for family members, answering questions, submitting forms and making the necessary phone calls, which allows your HR team to focus on their other responsibilities.

Like life insurance, beneficiary financial counseling makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those left behind— providing a sense of hope when it’s needed most.

Dedicated Support. Personalized Financial Counseling.

At Cerity Partners, we don’t just advise. We sympathize and empathize. We listen openly to the employee’s loved ones as they talk about their memories and concerns for the future. Then we help them examine each aspect of the deceased’s financial life and identify the actions that must be taken now and in the future to distribute funds, transfer assets and settle the estate. Our support includes:

  • Employee benefit analysis
  • Estate planning and settlement assistance
  • Investment advisory services
  • Social security and government benefit analysis
  • Insurance planning and placement
  • Cash-flow and debt management

Our goal is to help family members survive and ultimately thrive in their “new normal.”

Adding Value Without Adding Work

“What’s our role?” “Are we going to receive calls from Cerity Partners in addition to the employee’s family?” “How much time does it take to administer?” We get it. You don’t want to add a benefit that makes the jobs of your HR team even more complex.

Cerity Partners manages the Beneficiary Financial Counseling program for you. Think of us as an extension of your HR team. We work with you to design the benefit and create the launch strategy then take it from there. We contact the family members, schedule meetings and guide them through the entire process.

When a client lost her husband after 40 years of marriage, she needed much more than a good investment plan. She needed a holistic, proactive, and objective team to guide her as she was confronted with important, and at times irrevocable, decisions in areas that were new to her.

Sean Moore


A Trusted Partner for You and Your Employees’ Families

The last thing grieving loved ones want to hear is an investment sales pitch. It’s disrespectful and not the type of support they need. We provide objective advice and oversight that make a difficult situation more manageable and position the employee’s family – and your organization – for success.

Provide Comfort When It’s Needed Most

Discover how Beneficiary Financial Counseling can round out and enhance your benefits package.