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Impactful Advice. Simplified Administration.

You invest significant time and resources designing competitive compensation and benefits offerings. They’re arguably a talent retention necessity and executives’ largest source of financial stability and wealth creation. But many individuals lack the time or in-depth knowledge to fully integrate these offerings into their financial plans.

How can you help your executives appropriately and fully utilize their benefits and boost your ROI in the process? With Executive Financial Counseling.

Executive Financial Counseling provides your senior leaders with the personalized advice they need plus a more efficient way to manage their financial lives—giving them more time to focus on your organization’s long-term growth and profitability.

Dedicated Support. Personalized Financial Counseling.

Executives work one-on-one with a dedicated counselor who has extensive knowledge of executive compensation and the vital role it plays in an individual’s current and future financial landscape.

Together, they’ll create a customized, comprehensive wealth management plan that encompasses every aspect of the executive’s financial life:

  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Risk management and insurance planning strategies
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning

Creating the plan isn’t the end of our support—it’s just the beginning. Your executive’s dedicated counselor also serves as their personal CFO, managing all aspects of the financial plan for them.

It’s all about helping your senior leaders thrive personally and professionally by making their financial lives easier and more efficient.

Compensation and benefit packages are key components of workforce recruitment, performance, retention and cost. We help employees and executives maximize the coverage of their benefits package, at the same time helping HR teams ensure the packages they design are truly appreciated.

Kate Kennedy


Your Executives’ Trusted Partner—And Yours

You want senior leaders to derive the full benefit from their compensation plans. It helps increase ROI and your bottom line. Your executives want to preserve, grow, and protect their wealth while streamlining financial management. We help both of you achieve your goals.

Being a fiduciary means we act in the best interest of everyone we serve.

The Positive Ripple Effects of Comprehensive Financial Management

Helping your executives navigate the financial challenges of their growing wealth positions your organization for success.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention. Helping executives fully utilize their benefit and compensation packages increases their appreciation of your organization. Ultimately, it’s comprehensive benefit and compensation opportunities that attract future leaders.
  • Increased Focus. With their financial concerns addressed, executives can focus on their professional responsibilities.
  • Improved Capacity. We serve as a dedicated resource for your executives, enabling your HR and benefits teams to concentrate on their other priorities.
  • Mitigated Risk. The last thing your organization needs is an executive who hasn’t filed their taxes or one that inappropriately executes their stock options. Our objective advice and extensive oversight help ensure compliance with tax laws and other regulations.

Adding Value Without Adding Work

“What’s our role?” “Are we going to receive calls from Cerity Partners in addition to our employees?” “How much time does it take to administer?” We get it. You don’t want to add a benefit that makes the jobs of your HR and benefits teams even more complex.

Cerity Partners manages the Executive Financial Counseling program for you. Think of us as an extension of your benefits team. We work with you to design the benefit, define eligible participants, and create the launch strategy then take it from there.

Here’s what you and your senior leaders can expect when you work with us:

  • Launch
    We work with your HR team to announce the Executive Financial Counseling benefit. After the announcement, our counselors schedule introductory calls with eligible executives.
  • Introductory Conversation
    During the initial call, we explain the benefits of comprehensive financial management and enroll the executive in the service.
  • Information Gathering
    From there, it’s all about getting to know the executive on a personal and professional level. We listen and ask questions about their current financial circumstances, priorities, goals, investment preferences, and much more. The executive also provides financial statements and other documents for review.
  • Analysis
    We then carefully examine all the materials to identify potential gaps and opportunities to mitigate risk, reduce tax obligations, and improve outcomes.
  • Counseling Meeting
    Now the action begins. The executive and their counselor meet in-person to discuss and prioritize the information and analysis collected in previous conversations. We develop solutions and then take action—executing on the plan.
  • Ongoing Support
    An executive’s financial plan is a “living” document, evolving with their changing needs and goals. In-person and virtual meetings are held throughout the year to keep the plan and the executive’s financial life in sync.

Data-Driven Results

Our financial counseling is confidential. However, you receive aggregated reports to help you understand the challenges your executives are facing and evaluate key performance indicators. These insights serve as the foundation for future conversations about how to maximize participation in your company’s compensation and benefits offering.

Help Your Executives Make the Most of Your Compensation Plans and Their Wealth

Executive Financial Counseling is just one way Cerity Partners helps HR teams deliver better outcomes. See how all our services work together to maximize value, minimize fiduciary risk and ease your administrative responsibilities.