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Simplify Your Financial Management. Maximize Value.

As you can attest, the financial life of an executive is complex, involving various compensation plans, retirement accounts, personal investments, insurance, taxes, and much more. Plus, you likely work with multiple advisors. Managing and coordinating all these accounts effectively for maximum value takes time—time you don’t have as a busy executive.

Cerity Partners Executive Financial Counseling provides a more efficient way to manage your growing wealth. You receive objective advice and oversight that encompasses your complete financial picture.

  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Risk management and insurance planning strategies
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning

Think of us as your personal CFO.

Executive Financial Counseling Makes the Complex Simple

You spend your days creating value for your company. We spend ours making sure you’re receiving the maximum value from your assets and benefits. Work with Cerity Partners to simplify and efficiently manage your financial life.

  • Streamlined Coordination and Execution. You talk to us. We listen then talk to everyone else. Your dedicated advisory team collaborates with our in-house specialists and your existing advisors to manage your plan and keep your financial life moving forward.
  • Comprehensive, Consolidated Reporting. While you’ll still receive your statements and policies, our reporting system consolidates the information for your review and convenience. We track and summarize your finances so you always know exactly where you stand today and the progress you’re making towards your goals.
  • Ongoing monitoring. Your plan is no good if it gathers dust on the shelf. It needs to evolve with the expected and unexpected events of your life. We meet with you regularly to review and update your plan for changes in your goals, professional life, family situation, or tax law.

Impactful Advice. Integrated Solutions.

Simplified Administration.

Each aspect of your financial life plays a distinct role in preserving, protecting and growing your wealth. Moreover, the decisions you make in one area often impact the others. We help you understand these connections and incorporate them into your comprehensive financial plan.

Executive Compensation and Benefits

Restricted stock units. Nonqualified stock options. Performance stock units. Your compensation may take a variety of forms—each with its own set of rules and conditions. We help you determine the best time to exercise your options or access your benefits for maximum value.

Executive Compensation and Benefits
Tax Planning and Preparation

Whatever your situation, we help you put the strategies in place to minimize your current and future tax liabilities. Our tax planning services also include detailed tax projections and the preparation of your personal, business and trust returns.

Tax Planning and Preparation
Investment Management

Building an all-weather portfolio requires taking a collective look at all your investments—benefit and retirement plan accounts, IRAs and personal investments. We evaluate your entire investment landscape and structure our asset allocations accordingly, taking into account employer stock and other concentrated securities.

Investment Management
Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Having the proper type of insurance is essential for protecting yourself and your loved ones from life’s unexpected events. Equally important is how your assets are titled. We assess the adequacy of your current coverage, help you close any gaps, and implement asset protection strategies to better safeguard your family and your property.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning
Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

It’s difficult to imagine life after you’re gone. But that’s exactly why estate planning is so important. Without a plan, taxes may erode your wealth, and your family members and charitable causes may not be cared for in the way you intended. Our advanced planning and wealth preservation solutions help ensure this doesn’t happen.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer
Retirement Planning

Am I saving enough now to generate the income needed for the lifestyle I want in retirement? That’s the burning question for most people—and one we help answer. We work with you today to make sure you’re contributing enough to comfortably meet your retirement needs. Then when the time comes, we’ll help you select and execute the best drawdown strategy for your goals.

We strategically guide clients to help them maximize their employment offerings, as it plays an important role in providing them with a clear road map for achieving their personal financial goals.

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Committed to Your Financial Well-Being

Wealth is an extremely personal and often emotional topic. You need an advisor who acts solely in your best interest. That’s Cerity Partners. Our advisors embrace their fiduciary role as stewards of your money.

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