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Andrew Hoercher, Tara D. Vagnone and Michael McCarville

Financial Planning

Financial Planning for the Law Firm Partner

Navigating the financial landscape as a law firm partner requires tailored planning across multiple areas, including cash flow, taxation, investment strategies, and retirement planning, to ensure long-term success and security.

Paul Chmielewski


Behavioral Finance

How to Use a 529 Plan For Retirement

529 savings plans, traditionally used for education expenses, now offer a path to retirement savings with the ability to roll over unused funds into a beneficiary’s Roth IRA, enhancing long-term financial strategies.

Judith Gordon


Estate Planning

A Primer on Planning for a Special Needs Child

Special needs planning is designed to provide a way to take care of a disabled family member without disrupting the individual’s eligibility for government benefits.

Jason Waters

Partner & Market Leader

Financial Planning

Optimize Your Financial Health in 2024

Step into 2024 with confidence in your financial future. Optimize Your Financial Health in 2024, offers insights for comprehensive financial planning. Covering everything from tax strategies to investment reviews, we provide actionable steps to align your financial goals with personal aspirations, helping to ensure a prosperous year ahead.

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Financial Planning

Harnessing the Power of Health Savings Accounts

HSAs offer more than a way to manage healthcare costs; they are a vital wealth-building tool that utilizes tax advantages and growth opportunities to bolster financial security.