Compensation and benefit packages are key components of workforce recruitment, performance, retention and cost. We help employees and executives maximize the coverage of their benefits package, at the same time helping HR teams ensure the packages they design are truly appreciated.

Kate Kennedy


A holistic financial wellness program for your workforce can meaningfully improve your organization’s productivity. Our specialized services for your executives, employees, and retirement plans will help you maintain a financially well workforce. When your employees feel in control of their financial lives, they are in a better position to help your business succeed.

Who do we serve?

Our business clients encompass all industries and sizes, both public and private. We have extensive experience working with:

  • Boards of directors
  • Executive committees
  • Retirement plan fiduciary committees
  • Human resource professionals
  • Finance and legal departments

Why Cerity Partners?

We are an independent, national firm composed of experienced professionals who work together to design and oversee benefit plans that will improve and maintain the financial well-being of your workforce:

  • Benefit plan consultants
  • Financial planners
  • Tax advisors
  • Investment specialists
  • Attorneys

Together, with your dedicated advisor, we manage all your financial needs.

What services do we offer?

Depending on your needs, you can receive all or some of the following services:


  • Executive Financial Counseling

    Working with 10 or more executives from the same company allows me to develop a deep understanding of their benefits, incentives and compensation plans. We strategically guide clients to maximize their employment offerings, as it plays an important role in providing them with a clear road map for achieving their personal financial goals.

    Dan Park
    Dan Park<br />

    Our Executive Financial Counseling services may include:

    • Benefits and compensation planning
    • Estate, financial, retirement income and tax planning
    • Tax preparation
    • Investment advisory services

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.

  • Financial Wellness Coaching

    Financial stress impacts employees’ lives–personally and professionally. Our team of financial wellness coaches helps employees be financially prepared, relative to their circumstances, for the good, bad and unexpected life events.

    Kate Kittinger
    Kate Kittinger<br />

    Our Financial Wellness Coaching services may include:

    • Savings management
    • Debt management
    • Budgeting
    • Retirement income planning
    • Basic insurance planning
    • Estate planning

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.

  • Qualified Retirement Plan Management

    Working with plan fiduciary committees to ensure they are offering the best corporate retirement plan has been my life’s work. Being a pioneer in providing financial wellness to employees has assured employers that their employees are better equipped to retire with dignity.

    Philip Steele
    Philip Steele<br />

    Our Qualified Retirement Plan services may include:

    • 3(21) or 3(38) investment fiduciary services
    • Analysis of plan fees and expenses
    • Plan review, design and implementation
    • Benchmarking against industry best practices
    • Targeted employee education programs

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.

  • Nonqualified Plan Management

    A nonqualified plan can be an outstanding wealth creation vehicle to attract and retain key talent. Designing a plan appropriate for your executives is an art. We can help.

    Bob Shier
    Bob Shier<br />

    Our Nonqualified Retirement Plan services may include:

    • Plan review, design and implementation
    • Analysis of plan fees and expenses
    • Benchmarking against industry best practices
    • Targeted employee education programs

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.

  • Business Owner Advisory Services

    Business owners often wonder about the value of their businesses and whether they should extract some or all of it at any given time. We assist business owners in exploring the merits of and best options for realizing this value.

    Brett Dearing
    Brett Dearing<br />

    Our Business Owner Advisory services may include:

    • Enterprise valuation
    • Assessment of liquidity options
    • Coordination of transaction team
    • Business continuity, succession and exit planning
    • Tax and wealth planning

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.


Our service fees are customized based on your needs. Please call us for a personalized overview of costs.


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