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You live a full and busy life, juggling multiple responsibilities. As a result, you may have neglected your financial affairs or allowed others to make decisions for you. Either way, something has changed, making your finances a high priority.

You know you need to take charge and get more involved, but just the thought of where to start feels overwhelming and causes unnecessary anxiety.

Whether you are a career woman, entrepreneur, trusting wife, divorcee, widow or young mother – chances are you share the same concerns:

  • Do I have enough to meet my long term goals?
  • How do I protect what I have?
  • How can I feel more confident with my money?

You don’t want to be told what to do. You want a clear plan and to understand what you have and why you have it. This empowers you to make smart financial decisions. That is why we have created a simple, but powerful, three step process that provides the clarity you need to make smart financial decisions.

Clarity Wealth Process ™

We have created a simple but powerful three-step process that provides the clarity you need to make smart financial decisions.

Create Your Lifestyle Wealth Plan

Create Your Lifestyle Wealth Plan

We will design a lifestyle wealth plan for you that outlines the steps to take on your journey toward living the life you desire.

Incorporate Our Balanced Investment Strategy

Incorporate Our Balanced Investment Strategy

We delicately balance your goal for safety with a need for income and growth, enhancing your overall sense of financial security.

Join Our Financial Empowerment Program

Join Our Financial Empowerment Program

We educate, challenge and encourage you to know what is needed to take charge of your financial life.

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Mariella Foley

Why Women?

By Mariella Foley

Growing up, my mother was the hardest working woman I knew. She was the rock of our family. After my father became ill, the burden on my mom doubled. Her greatest stress was financial, driven by her fear of not having enough to provide for and protect her children. I delayed my college studies in order to work, contribute, and help my mother. It was my love for my mother and her tremendous courage that inspired me to build a career in the financial industry.

When I became a financial advisor, I naturally gravitated towards helping women. While the industry was focusing on men, I wanted to make working with women a priority. I wanted to be the advisor that my mother never had, who she could call upon for life’s daily financial stresses. I wanted to help the mother, the career woman, the trusting wife, or the woman who is experiencing a difficult life transition. I wanted them to know that I cared about their future, and help provide a safe and encouraging environment where they could discuss their concerns, ask questions, and feel supported. I wanted to be the advisor that my mother never had.

That is why I feel my true purpose as a financial advisor is to create a welcoming environment that inspires women to become more involved in planning for their financial future. I strive to empower women to become more confident in their ability to make smart financial decisions and to live the life they want and deserve.

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