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Advanced Tax Planning Strategies for Every Aspect of Your Life

Taxes are a crucial part of almost every major financial decision from buying a home to planning your retirement. Failing to take them into account can result in overpayment of taxes and diminished investment returns. Our tax planning team helps you preserve your wealth by identifying and minimizing potential tax liabilities before you act.

Our seasoned tax specialists understand the cause and effect between taxes, financial planning, and investment management. Their expertise includes:

  • Tax projections
  • Tax optimization strategies
  • Personal and trust tax returns
  • Business tax returns

We work closely with you to develop and implement the most tax-efficient solutions so you, your family, and your business can feel more confident.

Comprehensive Tax Planning Services that Help Reduce Liability Year-Round

Many financial decisions have tax implications that you may not be aware of—but we are. The most effective financial plans are the ones that include tax-planning strategies. Working together, we help you:

  • Proactively identify ways to reduce your taxes based on your goals and circumstances
  • Make sound decisions based on quarterly and annual tax projections
  • React in real-time to new tax regulations
  • Incorporate dynamic planning that evolves with your personal and professional life

Your tax planning strategies should do more than report outcomes. It should affect them.

Reduce Your Taxes. Preserve Your Assets.

Grow Your Wealth.

You don’t need a tax historian. You need a tax planner who sees your financial life as integrated events that impact your future. We implement tax strategies tailored to your goals.

Estate Planning

Without proper planning, inheritance and estate taxes can erode your legacy. Our wealth transfer strategies are designed to help reduce, and in some cases, eliminate estate taxes.

Estate Planning

You make charitable gifts because you care about making a difference locally, nationally, or globally. Low cost-basis securities, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts are a few ways we help minimize the tax implications of your gifts.

Investment Management

Your investments, their value, and your cost basis can all affect your tax bill. We help you create tax-efficient investment portfolios and harvest investment losses to reduce your obligations.

Investment Management
Business Management

Should you establish your business as a sole proprietorship? An S Corp? Or C Corp? We help you analyze the tax implications of different business structures so you can pick the one that’s right for you and your financial situation.

Business Management
Retirement Planning

Fear of running out of money is one of the top concerns of many retirees. We review various retirement plan options to minimize your current taxes and help generate income for life.

Retirement Planning
Number Crunching

The tax code is getting increasingly more complicated, making it more challenging for people to do their own returns. We can prepare and file your personal, business, and trust tax returns, saving you time for what matters most to you.

Feel More Confident With All Your Financial Decisions

Don’t make a decision without knowing how it will impact you next April, next year, or future generations. Our tax specialists have been doing this for decades. Put our in-depth knowledge of the tax code to work for you.

The recent tax legislation aimed at simplifying the tax code caused it to be even more complex, so strategic tax planning is more critical than ever. Cerity Partners' tax advisors are forward-thinking tax planners rather than after-the-fact-tax return assemblers, integrating our tax expertise into overall wealth planning, because with taxes, it is not only important what you do, but how you do it.

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Make the Most Of Your Wealth

Our advisors work with you to optimize your taxes and minimize liabilities year-round. Let’s start today.