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When “I” Becomes “Us”—Blending Your Lives and Your Finances

Most couples have no problem talking about their aspirations, work, family, friends, and current events. But they clam up when it comes to money. Discussing your personal finances openly and honestly is essential for your current and future financial life together.

We help you have these conversations, offering objective advice and oversight to preserve, grow and protect your wealth.

  • Facilitate the “money talk” to align your financial priorities, needs and goals
  • Work with your attorney to draft a pre- or postnuptial agreement
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive financial plan that reflects your shared vision
  • Provide divorce financial consulting in the unfortunate event your marriage dissolves

Marriage is one of the most significant financial steps you will ever take. Be prepared for both the upside and downside.

With two marriage-aged children of my own, I hear plenty of discussions about choosing a wedding planner, selecting a venue and other plans for the big day, but I haven’t heard one discussion about choosing a financial advisor. In my opinion, discussing and planning for a couple’s financial future is of paramount importance.

Ekaterina Klimentova


Advocate. Sounding Board. Trusted Partner.

Your financial well-being is our top priority. We’re here to listen and understand, not judge. We work with you to develop and execute the best course of action, so you feel confident about your current and future financial picture.

Objective Advice Tailored to Your Marital Situation

Newly engaged. Happily married. Getting a divorce. Whatever phase you are at as a couple, we’re here to help guide you through it.

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

    A stigma surrounds prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, but they’re actually a contract between two loving people. The time to plan is when you love and respect each other—it helps minimize discord and legal fees if you later divorce. We work closely with you and your attorney to ensure the agreement reflects your unique situation: family heirlooms, intellectual property, future earnings, or income disparity. We also make sure that you fully understand the financial terms.

  • Comprehensive Wealth Management

    “I have no idea what our monthly spending is.” “I don’t know anything about our taxes.” “My spouse handles all that.” Most couples divide financial tasks, making good communication even more vital. The decisions you make in one area of your financial life impact the others. We actively engage you and your spouse in all aspects of your financial planning – cash flow analysis, taxes, estate planning, insurance, investments, and retirement planning. You both need to know and understand how your wealth is being managed, and the actions needed to keep you on track.

  • Divorce Financial Consulting

    Emotions run high during a divorce, and asset classification (marital or separate) and subsequent division are hotly contested topics. Our unique expertise in divorce financial consulting helps your attorney secure an equitable settlement for you. We are often called upon to:

    • Trace assets to determine classification as marital or separate property
    • Prepare net worth statements to provide an accurate picture of household wealth
    • Perform a lifestyle analysis to determine the family’s standard of living and assist in the determination of spousal and child support
    • Write or review tax clauses in the divorce agreement for assets that can’t be divided
    • Review prior tax returns to uncover hidden sources of income and much more.


Building A Solid Foundation with Marital Financial Planning

Studies show that the inability of spouses to communicate about their finances is the second leading cause of divorce (after infidelity).

We can help you see past the emotions that often fuel these conversations to lay the framework for mutual decision-making and the achievement of your short- and long-term goals.

  • Establish financial “ground rules” and discuss expectations for spending and saving
  • Create a mutually-agreeable plan for resolving competing financial goals and concerns
  • Identify investment preferences, including the type of securities and risk profile
  • Decide how premarital assets and debt will be handled
  • “Course-correct” to adjust your financial plan for life events like the birth of a child

Give Your Marital Financial Life the Attention It Deserves

Let us help you navigate the challenges of managing wealth as a couple.