Executive Financial Counseling for Your Senior Leaders

An innovative approach for helping your executives maximize the value of your compensation and benefit plans


of executives would gain greater peace of mind if all financial counseling services were provided by one partner


of C-suite executives don’t fully understand their compensation and benefits packages


of executives say that financial challenges cause them the most stress

Source : 2017 HR Report: The State of Executive Financial Counseling – AMG National Trust Bank

Impactful Advice. Simplified Administration.

You invest significant time and resources designing competitive compensation and benefits offerings. They’re arguably a talent retention necessity and executives’ largest source of financial stability and wealth creation. But many individuals lack the time or in-depth knowledge to fully integrate these offerings into their financial plans.

How can you help your executives appropriately and fully utilize their benefits and boost your ROI in the process? With Executive Financial Counseling.

Executive Financial Counseling provides your senior leaders with the personalized advice they need plus a more efficient way to manage their financial lives—giving them more time to focus on your organization’s long-term growth and profitability.

For Companies

  • Efficiency

    One dedicated contact who serves in the executive’s best interest and tailors goals to their unique financial situation.

  • Attain & Retain Talent

    Helping executives fully utilize their benefit and compensation packages increases their appreciation of your organization.

  • Objectivity

    We listen first before offering solutions. Our clients receive objective advice tailored to their specific financial goals and priorities.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Our objective advice and extensive oversight help ensure compliance with tax laws and other regulations.

  • Expertise

    We have broad and deep wealth planning, investment, and tax expertise.

  • Experience

    Our senior advisors have extensive investment, law, tax, financial planning, and wealth management experience.

  • Data Driven Results

    With their financial concerns addressed, executives can focus on their professional responsibilities.

  • Increased Capacity

    We serve as a dedicated resource for your executives, enabling your HR and benefits teams to concentrate on their other priorities.

Our clients achieve success through focus, diligence and dedication. We help them define their purpose and what matters most to them. Our collaboration includes crafting a goals-based framework that articulates their financial aspirations, priorities, and acceptable risks in order to plan, invest and maximize their legacy.

Doug Bonaquist, Partner & Head of Corporate Business Development

Dedicated Support. Personalized Financial Counseling.

Executives work one-on-one with a dedicated counselor who has extensive knowledge of executive compensation and the vital role it plays in an individual’s current and future financial landscape.

Together, they’ll create a customized, comprehensive wealth management plan that encompasses every aspect of the executive’s financial life:

  • Executive Financial Counseling for Individuals's icon

    Executive Financial Counseling for Individuals >

    The financial life of an executive is complicated, and coordinating all the elements takes time. We serve as your personal CFO, providing a more efficient and simpler way to manage your growing wealth.

  • Executive Financial Counseling as a Corporate Benefit's icon

    Executive Financial Counseling as a Corporate Benefit >

    Your compensation and benefits offerings are a talent retention necessity and, arguably, your executives’ largest source of wealth creation. Executive Financial Counseling helps your senior leaders fully realize these benefits and boost your ROI in the process.

  • Beneficiary Financial Counseling's icon

    Beneficiary Financial Counseling >

    When an employee dies, the greatest gift you can give their family is care and support. Our Beneficiary Counseling Services help beneficiaries navigate the financial challenges that arise after the death of a loved one, helping them adjust to their “new normal.”

  • Retirement Plan Advisory's icon

    Retirement Plan Advisory >

    Secure retirements begin with a sound and effective plan. Our comprehensive approach is designed to address your goals and objectives while creating a premier retirement plan for your employees.

  • Financial Wellness Coaching's icon

    Financial Wellness Coaching >

    Your employees’ financial stress can have a cascading effect on absenteeism, morale, and productivity. Our comprehensive financial wellness coaching helps alleviate this stress, enabling employees to focus on their responsibilities at work.

How Do We Compare
Cerity Partners EFC program Other Programs
Fees and Commission
Annual account maintenance fee No Generally, an added charge
Incentives to steer clients towards proprietary products No In many cases, yes
Investment Solutions
Open architecture Client choice Often firm directed
Investment Recommendations and Fiduciary Solutions
401(k) and other qualified plans Not necessarily
IRAs Not necessarily
Nonqualified plans Not necessarily
Personalized investment accounts Not necessarily
Reporting on Accounts Outside Firm
Stocks and fixed-income investments (cash, CDs, bonds) Not necessarily
Mutual funds and separate account money managers Not necessarily

Adding Value Without Adding Work


EFC benefit is announced, and Cerity Partners advisors schedule introductory calls with eligible executives

Information Gathering

Cerity Partner advisor and executive discuss goals, concerns and priorities, and executive provides materials for review

Counseling Meeting

Cerity Partner advisor and executives discuss various planning topics: CP advisor makes recommendations and emails summary

Introductory Conversation

Cerity Partner advisor explains the benefit in more detail and executive elects the services


Cerity Partner advisor examines the materials and schedules a meeting within four weeks of receiving the information

Ongoing Support

Cerity Partner advisor and executive meet no fewer than 4 times per year

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