Grow. Preserve. Thrive.

Comprehensive investment strategies to sustain your vision

Effective financial management provides a multiplier effect for nonprofit organizations. Whether you are a church, educational institution, local charity, or global foundation, Cerity Partners helps you generate the income needed to fund your initiatives, operations, and disbursements.

Working with your board, we design and implement a comprehensive investment strategy that aligns with your mission, long-term goals, and cash flow requirements.

  • Create an Investment Policy Statement
  • Identify strategic and tactical asset allocations
  • Select and oversee your investments
  • Monitor and benchmark your portfolio

Growing and preserving your endowment over a time horizon that will outlast us all takes diligence and discipline.

Susan Hartley-Moss


Estate Planning

Trustees: Risk Mitigation Through Regular Reviews and Delineated Investment Approach (Part 2)

A fundamental obligation of trustees is to ensure regular and frequent communication with trust beneficiaries. In Part 2, Susan Hartley-Moss covers specific areas or topics.

It is an honor to assist nonprofits and foundations in making a lasting impact on those they serve, and the world as a whole. We work closely with committee members to understand their goals and mission and then recommend the best investment solutions to help achieve them.

Jessica Farrell, Partner

More Time and Resources to Devote to the Greater Good

You joined your organization to make a difference, not to spend countless hours researching and monitoring different types of investments and investment firms. That’s our job.

Customized Investment Portfolios

Our role is to design the most suitable solutions for your organization using investments that have been thoroughly screened and identified as offering the best prospects for consistent outperformance.

Funding Considerations

You have a mission and you need money to fund those activities. Our portfolio management process considers the duration and timing of your cash needs when developing your investment policy statement.

Cost Efficiencies

Our size as a national investment advisor enables us to secure the most competitive terms and pricing for your portfolio. The cost savings you enjoy from paying lower investment fees can be redirected towards your cause, where it belongs.

Matching Your Organization’s Money to Its Mission

Every organization has unique financial needs, challenges, and opportunities. Through our disciplined investment process, we provide customized solutions tailored to your situation, helping to ensure your noble work continues in perpetuity.


Create Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Before making any recommendations, we sit down with your board and investment committee to learn about your organization, your goals and funding needs. Then we draft your IPS, making sure it encompasses and addresses everything we have learned.


Identify Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocations

Building your investment portfolio starts by determining the mix of asset classes that offer the most potential return for your desired level of risk. Using your IPS as our guide, we conduct extensive research to create an asset allocation model that outlines how your endowment will be put to work in the financial markets.


Select and Oversee Investments

From there, we begin purchasing assets in the defined categories. Purchases occur over time to be mindful of market volatility and tax issues. They consist only of investment vehicles that have passed our rigorous screening process.


Monitor and Benchmark Your Portfolio

Goals shift. Market and economic conditions change. Investment manager performance can become inconsistent. That’s why this step is vital for preserving your endowment. We meet with you quarterly to discuss economic events, your portfolio’s performance, and potential changes to better position your portfolio for the future and keep it aligned with your goals.