Financial Wellness Coaching

Personalized and comprehensive financial coaching so your employees can live their fullest personal and professional lives

Increase Employee Engagement

People of all levels of income and education have financial problems, which may stem from poor habits, unfortunate circumstances, or not enough financial education. And while this may not seem like a workplace issue, it is. The financial stress your employees are facing can have a cascading effect on absenteeism, morale, productivity, and your bottom line.

How can you as an employer help alleviate this stress? By offering your employees comprehensive financial wellness coaching that helps them navigate the twists and turns on their personal path to achieving their goals.

Your Employees’ Partner, Coach, Financial Therapist

Our coaches are more than planners. They encourage, listen and guide. They explain the “why” and the “how,” in addition to the “what,” to help employees better understand their current financial circumstances and the actions needed to improve them.

Melanie Ross, Principal
Financial stress impacts employees’ lives, both personally and professionally. Our team of financial wellness coaches helps employees be financially prepared, relative to their circumstances, for life’s expected and unexpected events.

Melanie Ross, Principal

A Program—Not a Point in Time

We recognize that personal financial freedom is not something that can be achieved by attending a lunch-and-learn or reading a handout. It is a process that takes years of work with many challenging steps along the way. With Cerity Partners Financial Wellness Coaching, your employees get the resources and advice they need for their journey.

The Positive Ripple Effects on Your Organization

Helping your employees become financially confident also positions your organization for success. Financial Wellness Coaching provides the support they need to reduce financial stress, which can lead to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater loyalty and retention

Data-Driven Results

Our coaching is confidential. However, you receive aggregated reports to help you understand what troubles your employees are facing and the progress they’re making. These insights serve as the foundation for future conversations about maximizing participation in your company’s benefits and ways to keep your employees focused on work by reducing their stress outside of it.

Personal Financial Coaching

Based on our experience, the generic financial education commonly provided by many advisors and recordkeepers is easily ignored by people as they go through their lives. Our financial wellness program is structured so that your employees are provided the education they need based on where they’re at in their financial journey. A doctor does not prescribe the same medicine to every patient, nor do we.

We ask your employees specific questions so that we can provide specific guidance. We get a complete view of what is going on in their lives and provide a road map that will help them navigate what is coming. We are here for them as they navigate each bump and every fork in the road.

Customized Programming for Your Population

Not every business or employee population is the same. You may already know the issues to target or you may want to offer something specific to a certain group. Coaching is not one-size fits all for every company. We work to customize a benefit that will be valuable to your organization.

  • Remote Coaching

    Everyone has questions about their finances from time to time, whether it’s about the proper amount of life insurance, improving their credit score, saving for their children’s education, or planning for retirement. Your employees can call and speak with a Financial Wellness Coach about any personal finance topic.

  • Personal Coaching

    Our personal coaching program matches each of your employees with their own coach who works with them to create and tailor a personal financial plan. Their dedicated coach is a personal accountability partner as they work through the employee’s plan over the coming months and years.

  • One-on-One Meetings

    Meeting privately with a coach often provides the best outcomes for your employees. Our hand-in-hand approach helps your employees analyze their plan, set priorities, and take action. A friendly face and an open ear can make all the difference when making big changes and tough decisions.

  • Group Meetings

    We can provide onsite educational seminars to your employees around specific topics, including building a budget, fixing your credit, buying a home, investing, and navigating Medicare. You decide the best dates and times for the meetings— we work around your schedule, not the other way around.