As a Generac employee, you have unique financial planning needs. The Generac Comprehensive Financial Counseling program provides access to a Cerity Partners Advisor that understands your complete Generac benefits package, and will work with you to build your financial future.

Get Answers to Your “How” Questions

How do I incorporate Generac’s stock price increase into my overall financial plan? Should I participate in Generac’s employee stock purchase plan? How do I maximize my 401(k)? How do I best manage my restricted stock units and options? Am I invested appropriately? How much will I owe in taxes?

These are common questions. Fortunately, you don’t have to try and answer these questions by yourself. Cerity Partners is here to help.

Impactful Advice. Actionable Planning.

When you participate in the Generac Comprehensive Financial Counseling program, you’re assigned a dedicated Cerity Partners advisor who can answer your questions. Working together, you will create and implement a fully-integrated plan that helps maximize your resources and minimize taxes.

Here’s a small sample of the assistance you can receive to help make sound decisions:

Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive review of your spending, savings & debt to help prioritize goals
  • Strategies to pay down your debt and mortgage
  • Evaluation of titling and structure of assets and liabilities
  • Wealth protection, charitable planning, and wealth transfer strategies

Tax planning

  • Evaluate tax impacts of compensation elements such as RSUs, bonuses, and stock options
  • Review various retirement plan options to minimize taxes and help generate income for life
  • Generate detailed tax projections
  • Prepare personal, trust, and business tax returns

Investment Management

  • Customized investment portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance
  • Ongoing monitoring of investment portfolios
  • Performance reporting and benchmarking
  • Cash management solutions
  • Guidance on strategies to help weather market volatility