Tax Strategies Insights

Paul Chmielewski


Estate Planning

2024 Gift, Estate, and GST Tax Changes

Partner Paul Chmielewski highlights the gift, estate and GST tax changes for 2024.

Aram Schotts


Financial Planning

Rollover Decisions

Retirement planning requires thoughtful decision-making, particularly when it comes to managing existing retirement accounts. Aram Schotts highlights key factors to consider when choosing between options such as keeping assets in the current plan, rolling them over to another employer’s plan, or rolling them into an IRA.

Zach Woodward


Executive Financial Counseling

The Taxation of Restricted Stock Units

Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a special form of employee compensation, taxed uniquely. Upon vesting, they’re taxed at the federal level, and later treated as normal shares with tax implications during sale.

Ryan Eversole


Financial Planning

Are Financial Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

Before 2018, you could partly or fully deduct investment advisory fees on your federal income tax return. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, however, the miscellaneous itemized deduction for investment fees and expenses vanished. This deduction seldom mattered for taxpayers in the highest brackets, as they could only deduct miscellaneous items on […]

Daniel Park and Cheryl Donaldson

Tax Strategies

Mitigating State “Millionaire’s Tax”: Filing Separately in Your State May Provide Relief

With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that eliminated the “marriage penalty” tax brackets, filing a joint federal tax return has mainly become a foregone conclusion for married couples. Under certain circumstances, couples may still opt to file separately. Partner Dan Park and Principal Cheryl Donaldson outline several factors that warrant careful consideration and planning when filing your taxes.