Personal Financial Planning For Seniors

Everything in your financial life is connected – when one area shifts, the rest moves with it.

Let’s Achieve Your Goals Together

We believe that in order to achieve true financial clarity, you can’t ignore the years beyond initial retirement. We want to see our clients make smart decisions about when to turn on Social Security, understand how to navigate the decisions around Medicare and ultimately create a legacy for the areas or people they want to impact after their final days.

For this reason, we deeply incorporate these decisions within your financial plan. We offer a free initial consultation/ID meeting to better understand your goals and then apply them in your plan. In addition to the basic financial planning process, here’s what you can expect from your Personal Financial Plan for Seniors:

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What to know about the Secure Act 2.0

The Secure Act 2.0 which goes into effect January 1, 2023 incorporates many changes to required minimum distributions that retirees need to tune into. Download our analysis of what you should know:

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Build a plan for exactly where you are in life.

Our team of advisors and consultants are here to be your partner on your financial journey. Let us support your vision with financial knowledge and experience so that you can take a confident next step towards whatever you want out of life.

A Collaborative Team Focused on You

Our advisors utilize their experience and expertise and that of their colleagues to develop and execute the best solutions for your complex personal and professional financial situations. Our team includes financial advisors, tax advisors, investment professionals, retirement plan consultants. Working as one, we help you achieve your vision for tomorrow.

Our Team is Your Team

We believe creating a financial plan is the first step toward a successful retirement. Many factors affect your financial future, so we’ve created an in-house team of specialists to help you along the way.
As an Cerity Partners client you will have a dedicated advisor team with access to specialists in other fields such as tax and insurance through one of our many affiliates.

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