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Barron’s: Dreaming of a Big Inheritance? Just Don’t Build Your Retirement Around It.

Articles & Interviews | Oct 3, 2022 | Dan Park

Separating fact from fantasy is one of the most valuable services that financial planners can provide to their clients. And a common financial fantasy is that our parents will leave us a sizable inheritance.

“While we would never advise a client to ‘bank on’ a future inheritance, there are situations where such planning is appropriate.” Partner Dan Park explains further in Barron’s Big Q, “Dreaming of a Big Inheritance? Just Don’t Build Your Retirement Around It.”

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Dan Park


Dan is a Partner in the New York office and has more than twenty years of experience counseling corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals and families in tax, investments, insurance, company benefits, estate planning, and retirement planning. He leads the firm’s Executive Financial Counseling practice and is a member of the Personnel Development Committee.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Dan was President of Dendron Advisors, LLC, an investment advisory firm. Prior to Dendron, Dan was Vice President at Black Coral Financial Advisors and Senior Executive Financial Planner at the Ayco Company, A Goldman Sachs Company.