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What is an All-Weather Advisor

Natalia Tchetchoulina, Partner

Market fluctuations are a natural part of investing. You deserve an advisor who will be by your side for both the highs and the lows, helping you keep your goals on track.

Sign 1: Has a Plan for Good Times & Bad

Erica Cameron, CFP®, Partner

No one knows what the markets will do tomorrow. Your advisor should help you create and execute a comprehensive plan that can weather all market cycles.

Sign 2: Willingly Has Difficult Conversations

Craig Wells, Partner

No one likes to discuss declining account balances. However, the cyclicality of financial markets makes these conversations inevitable. During bear markets, the best advisors are open and honest, knowing the decisions you make could profoundly affect your long-term success.

Sign 3: Initiates Communication

Pierre duPont, Partner

Even better than taking your call, the best advisors communicate proactively. From broad economic and market updates to plan and portfolio reviews, your advisor should be reaching out to you before you feel compelled to ask for help.

Sign 4: Advises Inaction When Inaction is the Right Approach

Cristina Paul, CFP®, Partner

In tough financial markets, some advisors address their clients’ concerns by agreeing to make superficial changes to their portfolios. Good advisors stand their ground, state their case, and advise against action when inaction is in your best interest.

Sign 5: Takes Advantage of the Opportunity

Lloyd Abramowitz, Partner and Gary Silverman, CFA, Partner

Living through a down market can be difficult, which is why it’s strange to consider it a planning opportunity. But it often is. From opportunistic investments to advanced tax-planning strategies, low asset prices may present a window to enhance your financial well-being.

Assessing the Results of Your Evaluation

Meg Rowley, Partner

If your advisor isn’t providing the services you need (and deserve), talk to them about what you expect from the relationship.