Back to Basics Series

Planting the seeds for a healthy financial life

Want to manage your personal finances more effectively? It starts by understanding the different components that make up your financial life and the key factors to consider when making decisions.

Watch our Back to Basics series to help build this understanding and grow your financial know-how.

Session 1:

Financial Literacy

Creating a solid foundation for your success

In part one of our six-part Back to Basics series, you’ll learn the fundamentals for creating a budget, building your savings and managing debt.

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Session 2:

Financial Planning

A road map to navigate life’s milestones

Life is full of transitions, from buying a home to starting a family and saving for retirement. Learn the key factors to consider when planning for these and other events.

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Session 3:


How they impact your finances

Taxes are an important consideration for many financial decisions. Learn about the different types and the steps you can take to help minimize your income taxes.

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Session 4:


Understanding the relationship between risk and reward

You want investments that will help you reach your goals but won’t keep you up at night. Learn practical tips for striking this balance.

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Session 5:

Estate Planning

More than just a will

Wills are the cornerstone of most estate plans. But there are other documents you should have to ensure your wishes are followed. Learn what those documents are and why they’re important.

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Session 6:

Intro to Philanthropy

Making a difference in your community

Charitable gifting is a powerful tool for affecting the change you want to see. Learn the common ways you can make gifts and tips for effective giving.

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