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You Manage the Mission. We’ll Manage Your Portfolio.

Effectively managing your investments to balance both short-term operating needs and long-term funding is vital for the success of your mission. However, developing the expertise and infrastructure to accomplish these objectives can be complicated, costly and time-consuming. That’s why many nonprofits partner with an advisor who has the expertise and passion to match their portfolio to their investment needs. And why they choose Cerity Partners to serve as their Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO).


As your OCIO, our support goes beyond selecting and monitoring your investments. We work closely with you to:

  • Establish governance procedures based on fiduciary best practices
  • Create and update your customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for your cash flow requirements
  • Communicate with existing and prospective donors

Large-firm expertise delivered with the personal touch of a small firm.

Managing Fiduciary Risk Through Governance

How do you prove your board has fulfilled its fiduciary obligations? It starts by establishing and following documented policies and procedures. We conduct fiduciary training for your board members to make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. We also help you prepare meeting agendas and provide quarterly and annual reports.

Strategic Asset Management Driven by Goals Not Commissions

At Cerity Partners, we design the most suitable solutions using the investments that make sense for you. Creating your customized investment strategy starts with gaining a deep understanding of your organization’s mission, concerns, and objectives.

Your financial needs and goals form the foundation of your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Think of the IPS as a road map for investment decisions. It outlines the purpose of the funds, planning considerations, your target asset allocation profile, and any investment restrictions or preferences. For example, your IPS might contain a provision about investing in socially responsible companies.

Using your IPS as our guide, we then research, evaluate and select the best investments that fit your parameters. Our size as a national investment advisor enables us to secure the most competitive terms and pricing.

Ongoing Monitoring and Extensive Oversight

Managing your funds, particularly when they are spread amongst multiple institutions and investment managers, is a full-time job. We coordinate all of that for you:

  • Collaborate with and oversee your existing advisory team
  • Monitor IPS compliance across investment managers
  • Track all assets and their performance
  • Compile each investment manager’s report into a monthly master report

Comprehensive Cash Flow Analysis

Your organization depends on the return from your investments to help cover your operating costs. We work with you to understand your cash flow requirements and develop a strategy that helps you fund your initiatives, meet day-to-day operating expenses and maintain your long-term viability.

Open-Door Donor Communications

Sophisticated donors demand a certain level of visibility and accountability. We collaborate with your committee and development team to communicate our investment strategy, investment options, and fundraising support to existing and prospective donors.

Both professionally and personally, I believe in the following life philosophy: learn, earn and return. We must give back to make this world a better place, and there is no better place to start then helping our clients’ foundations and charitable organizations fulfill their long-term missions.

Lloyd Abramowitz


Stewards Who Know What It’s Like to Walk in Your Shoes

We share your passion for helping individuals and communities flourish. Many of our advisors and colleagues actively participate on the boards of nonprofit organizations. So when we say we understand the challenges you face—we really do.

Like you, we also openly embrace our role as stewards. It’s a privilege to help you fulfill your organization’s mission.

Take the Complexity Out of Managing Your Investments

Let us focus on your portfolio and handle the day-to-day management, so you can focus on your mission.