At the center of every private foundation or charitable organization is the perpetual funding that will allow you to fulfill your mission.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Perpetuating the mission and noble work of your organization requires careful management of financial resources. Our experience with and expertise in assisting nonprofit organizations manage, report and administer their financial assets will help you maintain those resources. Think of us as your outsourced investment office, where you have access to all the expertise necessary to oversee your organization’s financial security.

Who do we serve?

We serve as a complete outsourced investment office for many nonprofit organizations, and provide select services for others, including:

  • Foundations
  • Endowments
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare organizations


Why Cerity Partners?

We are an independent national firm composed of experienced professionals who work together to manage and oversee the financial assets of your organization:

  • Financial planners
  • Tax advisors
  • Investment specialists
  • Attorneys

What services do we offer?

Depending on your needs, you will receive one or both of the following services:


  • Investment Consulting

    Nonprofit organizations and foundations have special investment needs. We work closely with committee members to understand each organization’s goals and mission, and then match our best investment ideas to help meet them.

    David Jumper
    David Jumper<br />

    Our Investment Consulting services may include:

    • Creation of Investment Policy Statement
    • Strategic and tactical asset allocation
    • Selection and oversight of investments
    • Ongoing monitoring of investment portfolios
    • Investment portfolio reporting, performance and benchmarking

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.

  • Financial Administration

    Our understanding of the inner workings of an organization means we can create the oversight and plan to ensure proper administration.

    Jessica Farrell
    Jessica Farrell<br />

    Our Financial Administration services may include:

    • Cash management
    • Bookkeeping
    • Tax preparation and filing

    Contact us to learn more about how our services may be of value to you.


Our service fees are customized based on your needs. Please call us for a personalized overview of costs.


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