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Wealth Management

Post-Election Estate Planning: Why You Should Act Before 2021

In a follow-up to his Estate Planning: The Power of Now article, Chief Planning Officer Paul McGloin explains the renewed sense of urgency for affluent families to “lock in” the current and extremely generous lifetime estate-tax exemptions.

Institutions & Businesses

Target-Date Funds: Why Process Matters

The “set it and forget it” design of target-date funds has made them one of the top investment choices for defined contribution plans. But with this popularity comes many questions, How do you select the “right” target-date suite for your plan? And does process really matter?


Year-End Tax Planning: What to Consider Post-Election

Year-end tax planning has an added layer of complexity in 2020—weighing the known vs. the unknown. We’ve outlined a few key areas you may want to focus on to help with your year-end planning.