Cerity Partners is proud to announce its latest white paper, Executive Financial Counseling: Planning to Protect Your Life’s Work, an engaging look into a corporate benefit that is designed to ease the life of senior executives while helping organizations recruit and retain top talent.

Authors Dan Park, Partner & Executive Financial Practice Leader; Doug Bonaquist, Partner & Head of Corporate Business Development; and Nicole Joko, Principal, explain how Executive Financial Counseling programs work to help senior leaders fully leverage their compensation and benefit plans. Using research and scenarios from their decades of experience, they examine the advantages of Executive Financial Counseling from the perspectives of both the executive and the organizations they lead.

In this paper, Park, Bonaquist, and Joko show how the most comprehensive Executive Financial Counseling programs keep organizations competitive because they give the executive the time and space needed to innovate, grow, and lead at the highest level.

Executive Financial Counseling: Planning to Protect Your Life’s Work explores:

  • The three most common aspects of an executive’s financial counseling plan.
  • The three greatest benefits of Executive Financial Counseling for organizations.
  • What executives gain from these programs.
  • How Executive Financial Counselors can advise and optimize compensation and benefits strategies.
  • How Executive Financial Counseling helps address concentrated position risks and tax exposures related to equity compensation.
  • The important interplay between retirement plans, benefits, perks, and the executive’s overall financial plan.
  • How these programs ultimately help organizations mitigate risk.
  • The five stages of executive financial planning for life.

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