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Learn how we empower our colleagues.

The Power of Partnership

Why do colleagues choose Cerity Partners?

Cerity Partners empowers its partners to better serve and develop clients with an expansive suite of wealth management services, robust centralized resources, and multiple growth channels. At the heart of our firm is an entrepreneurial spirit and a shared passion for building and growing a partnership together. Here’s how we make it happen:

Enhanced Client Experience

Our client-facing partners and colleagues have access to subject matter experts across investment, tax, estate planning, financial planning, and other wealth management matters, enabling them to focus solely on the best interests of their clients.


Professionals at Cerity Partners are not employees; they are partners and colleagues who embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, control their professional and economic success, and influence the firm's strategy and direction, ensuring our collective success.

Grow Their Practice

We support our client-facing partners and colleagues with efficient operations, leading technologies, and marketing assistance. This support, combined with our collaborative culture and strategic relationships, lays the foundation for substantial practice growth.

Build Wealth

Partners benefit from fair participation in the cash flow and equity of the firm. We are a true meritocracy.

Comprehensive Support From Day One

We are committed to the success of every colleague who joins us. This includes practice growth planning as well as team training, development, and career pathing.

Transition & day one support

  • Efficient transition, supported internally and by custodian service
  • Determination of ideal office location and setup
  • Commercial insurance coverage and benefits
  • Payroll and colleague benefits

Strategic Planning & Growth

  • Firm-sponsored growth initiatives that drive new clients to your practice
  • Strategic relationships with COIs and financial service providers
  • Access to expertise and solutions for clients including tax, estate planning, cash management, insurance, and more
  • Training and career development through Cerity Partners University

Technology & Client Reporting

  • Best-in-class technology systems
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Commitment to innovation and efficiency

Legal & Compliance

  • Corporate and regulatory filings
  • Compliance
  • Risk management reviews
  • Agreement and contract reviews

Meet the Partner Development Team

At Cerity Partners, our Partner Development Team is dedicated to driving strategic growth and cultivating enduring relationships. Comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, our team brings together a wealth of experience and a shared dedication to excellence. We work collaboratively to ensure that our partners receive unparalleled support, resources, and guidance through every transition.