Investing Insights

Ralph Coutant

Senior Principal

Economic & Market Update

Does the U.S. Equity Market Suffer From “Bad Breadth”?

One of the most talked about themes in the U.S. equity markets in 2023 has been market concentration. Simply put, the strong performance of the S&P 500 Index has been dominated by a small number of mega-cap technology stocks…

Joseph Matus


Economic & Market Update

Reshoring for Resilience: Building Strength, Stability, and Prosperity in a Multipolar World

In an increasingly multipolar world, reshoring has emerged as a vital strategy for businesses seeking to fortify their operations against disruptions and capitalize on localized opportunities. Through reshoring, companies can build resilience, stability, and prosperity by bringing production back to domestic or regional markets. This white paper explores the transformative potential of reshoring, uncovering strategies for success in an interconnected global landscape.

Joseph Matus


Financial Planning

Cash is Back: Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Bank Accounts

With the recent rise in short-term interest rates, cash has re-emerged as a viable asset class for portfolio construction. In March, 3 Month Treasury Bills reached a yield as high as 5%, further turning cash from a zero-yielding liquidity management tool to an attractive asset class of its own. Bank checking and savings accounts have […]

Stephen Klingler



5 Things to Do in a Down Market

Volatile markets can shake the confidence of even the most committed long-term investors.  Starting with a comprehensive financial plan, understanding just how much risk you need to take with your portfolio to accomplish your long-term goals and objectives is the first step.  While we certainly can’t prevent or even anticipate when down markets might happen, […]

Frederic Behrens


Cross-Border Planning

Guide to Financial Planning for Non-U.S. Citizens Living in the United States

Those living (or soon to be living) in the United States on a green card or U.S employment visa face many financial, tax and legal issues that average American citizens do not. Unfamiliarity with the U.S. tax and legal environment often leads to poor long-term financial planning decisions and costly mistakes. To make cross-border financial […]