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Doug is a Partner based in the Houston office and a member of the firm’s Wealth Management practice. He is responsible for delivering investment and planning services to clients. His specialty is assisting clients who are approaching retirement to evaluate the options they have as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Doug was a Senior Wealth Advisor at Investec Wealth Strategies. Previously, Doug was Manager, Global Benefits Design, at ExxonMobil. He was responsible for the design of corporate benefit programs including pension, 401(k) plan, medical, and insurance plans. He helped design and implement a corporate health strategies program (“Partners in Health”) and a financial literacy program (“Financial Fitness Program”).


  • B.A. in Psychology from Yale University
  • MBA in Industrial Relations from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


  • Active volunteer at The Woodlands Methodist Church
  • Active volunteer at Jubilee Prison Ministry
  • Members of the National Leadership Council of World Vision USA

Q & A


Why is your specialty important, especially today?

Retirement can mean 30 or 40 years of living off one’s investments. Planning is a process, and oversight is important. Establishing a relationship with an advisor and a firm one can trust is foundational for whatever may come in the years ahead.

Was there a specific incident in your life that made it clear you were made for this career?

Nothing specific, just a broad interest in personal finance, investments, corporate benefits, and working with people. They congealed into a desire for a second career, following 30+ years doing HR work at ExxonMobil.

What kind of clients work best for you?

I most enjoy working with clients who are approaching or in retirement, who appreciate getting advice, and who realize that we’re often on a 20- or 30- or even 40-year trajectory of retirement and that last week’s/month’s/year’s market performance is not indicative of future success.

What differentiates Cerity Partners from other firms in our space?

Cerity Partners has a depth of resources (intellectual talent, investment offerings, experienced advisors) that’s unmatched. This is a benefit for both clients and advisors. We can offer solutions likely unavailable at other firms.

What does the world need now more than anything?

We really need to see each other as fellow human beings with more in common than differences, with similar hopes and aspirations. Extend grace and be less judgmental.

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