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Natalia is a Partner in the Park Avenue office and client advisor with over twenty years of wealth management experience.

She is passionate about helping successful families navigate the complexities of wealth.  After advising clients at global private and investment banks, she believes that a truly comprehensive, independent, planning-centric approach to managing wealth leads to the best outcomes.

Natalia focuses her client practice on advising business owners and executives who seek comprehensive advice across investments, trusts & estate planning, tax mitigation and minimization, business planning, and risk management.  She marshals a senior team of subject matter experts to ensure all her clients’ financial needs are anticipated and taken care of thus freeing them up to focus on family, business, and passion projects.  Natalia forms deep relationships with clients and finds advising multiple generations within a family particularly rewarding.  She also advises nonprofit organizations.  As both a financial expert and an art lover, she finds working with Artist Endowed Foundations particularly satisfying.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Natalia was an Investment Advisor at Barclays Wealth. Before Barclays, Natalia was a Senior Relationship Manager at BNY Mellon’s Family Office group. Natalia started her professional career as a Chief-of-Staff to the Vice Chairman of Citi Private Bank as part of the bank’s first Ultra High Net Worth effort.

As one of the longest-tenured Partners at Cerity Partners, Natalia is passionate about helping new colleagues achieve success at Cerity Partners.  She is responsible for colleague assimilation as part of the firm’s merger integration process. She hosts New Colleague Education Series and enjoys serving as a coach, connector, and advocate for all new colleagues.

She is also an avid advocate for the broader RIA industry.   She regularly contributes thought leadership to industry publications and events.  She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Institutional Investor’s RIA Institute, an exclusive thought leadership group for RIAs.

Natalia lives in Manhattan and enjoys experiences and opportunities New York City has to offer.  She is a fine art lover and a member of several museums and other cultural institutions.  She is a Young Patron at the French Institute Alliance Française.


  • B.A. from Moscow State Pedagogical University
  • MBA from International Business Program at the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina


  • Recognized as a “Rising Star” by Private Asset Management magazine in its inaugural list of the wealth management and family office industry’s brightest players
  • Serves on the Advisory Board of the Institutional Investor’s RIA Institute, an exclusive thought leadership group for RIAs
  • Active in cultural organizations in New York City. Young Patron at the French Institute Alliance Française

Q & A


How would you describe your best day doing what you do?

A satisfying day would include collaborating with colleagues from various practice areas to find an effective solution for my clients’ needs. I especially enjoy advising multiple generations within a family. After hours, I enjoy hosting clients and industry colleagues for art openings and other cultural events – there’s no shortage of them in New York City!

What kind of clients work best for you?

Successful entrepreneurs, founder-owners of operating businesses, and busy executives who expect fiduciary advice and deep expertise across investments, trust & estate, tax planning, and risk management. I deliver this by marshaling a senior team of subject matter experts to ensure all my clients’ financial needs are taken care of … freeing them up to focus on family, business, and passion projects. I form deep relationships with my clients and find advising multiple generations within a family particularly rewarding.

What do you do in your personal life that helps you help your clients?

Having moved extensively while growing up, I continue to travel extensively, both internationally and domestically. I believe that travel opens our minds and allows us to focus on what unites us as humans. I also study art history and visit art fairs, galleries, and museums to further my education and stimulate creativity.

What should your clients know the most about you?

Money is personal and deeply emotional, no matter the wealth level. Having experienced diverse cultures and ways of life while growing up, I believe that empathy is a key ingredient in my practice as an advisor. Every day, I strive to balance delivering effective and objective financial advice with appreciating the emotional impact these solutions have on my clients and their families.

Was there a specific incident in your life that made it clear you were made for this career?

I opened my first bank account and credit card when I came to the U.S. to pursue my MBA. My fellow students were more advanced in their personal finance journey, and I had to figure out a lot of things very quickly, especially when working as a Summer Associate in New York City. This experience highlighted the gap in access to financial resources and information —women, in particular, are often left behind. It also motivated me to learn how effective financial management can support life’s goals and, eventually, share this knowledge with others.

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