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“Talking about money is difficult for many families, and we find that the next generation often lacks financial knowledge. Cerity Partners Academy is designed to give young adults an understanding of the world of finance and investing.”

Lloyd Abramowitz

Partner and Founder of Cerity Partners Academy

Financial Literacy—The Fuel for Financial Well-Being

Cerity Partners Academy helps high school juniors and seniors become more financially literate and better prepared to accept the responsibilities of inheriting and managing wealth. The program is the vision of Partner Lloyd Abramowitz who recognized the need and demand for this type of education after teaching his own teenage boys about money.

Through videos, exercises, field trips, and guest speakers, we introduce students to the field of finance and how wealth management firms operate. The interactive program features primers on:

  • Investment management
  • Financial markets
  • Personal finance
  • Foundational career skills

Understanding money is essential, and it pays to start early. The program also helps students learn about themselves and gather information that will help them make informed decisions about their careers.

Intro to the Stock Market

The world of finance has a language all its own that leaves many people confused. This session deciphers basic financial concepts to help students start building a foundation for sound investing:

  • Definition and characteristics of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • The difference between private equity and venture capital
  • How stocks are priced and the types of trades
  • Definition and purpose of price to earnings ratio (PE ratio)
Intro to the Stock Market
Impactful Investing

For many people, investing isn’t strictly about financial returns. They also want their money to do good—have a positive social or environmental impact. This session explores what it means to be an impactful investor:

  • Definition of impact investing
  • The cultural shift towards socially responsible investing
  • The debunking of investment performance myths
  • Aligning your investment portfolio with your causes
 Impactful Investing
Financial Markets

Understanding basic investment terms is just the first step. Sound decisions also depend on understanding the financial markets and how they impact the value of the securities you own. During this session, students learn about:

  • The different U.S. stock market indices
  • Market cycles and volatility
  • The benefit of staying invested vs. timing the markets

To cap off this discussion and bring these concepts to life, we take a tour of New York’s financial district to see the markets in action.

Financial Markets
Personal Finance

Forming good habits at an early age helps young adults successfully navigate the financial twists and turns they’ll face in the “real world.” During this session, students learn basic money management skills through hands-on exercises and discussions with Cerity Partners financial planning professionals and other industry experts.

  • Budgeting
  • Tax basics
  • Setting financial goals
  • Creating an action plan
  • Online banking
Personal Finance
Foundational Skills

One of the keys to financial well-being is positioning yourself for success. We share lessons learned and best practices to help students give their future selves a head start in an increasingly competitive world.

  • Making the most of your college experience
  • Resume building and interviewing
  • Self-branding and networking
  • Social media and cybersecurity

What Past Attendees Have Said

“I loved the program very much. The people I met were very helpful and open-minded. Hopefully, I could come back here again sometime in the future and contribute my work here.” – 2015 Graduate


“From exploring the New York Stock Exchange to wandering through Bloomberg, I truly learned an immense amount while engaging in thoughtful and thought-provoking discussions.” – 2017 Graduate


“Cerity Partners Academy provided a tremendous breadth of knowledge and experiences. It is the best financial program I could have found because of the fascinatingly engaging sessions and the terrifically enthusiastic facilitators.” – 2018 Graduate


“Cerity Partners Academy is one of the best opportunities for high school students to learn about and engage with the financial world. It demystifies many of the complexities of the industry.” – 2019 Graduate

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CP-U’s five-day program takes place every August at our East 42nd Street NY office.