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Joel is a Partner based in the San Francisco office. He provides clients with comprehensive investment management and financial planning advice. The cornerstone of Joel’s day is guiding clients through key financial decisions and helping them prioritize their most important life goals.

Before joining Cerity Partners, Joel was a Director of Wealth Management at B|O|S. In addition to working with clients, he oversaw the daily trading activity at the firm and served as a member of the Financial Planning Team. Prior to B|O|S, Joel worked at Citigroup Prime Brokerage serving as an Account Manager covering hedge funds.


  • B.A. in Economics from Brown University



Q & A


Who inspired you to pursue your career in financial management? How?

Not long after graduating college, I was fortunate to get a job at B|O|S working as a portfolio administrator alongside Colleen Supran. I was able to see firsthand how much Colleen truly enjoyed working with her clients and getting to know them and their families on a personal level. It inspired me to obtain my CFP and pursue a career as a financial planner.

How would you describe your best day doing what you do?

My best days are spent helping my clients achieve both their financial and personal goals. It is extremely satisfying to help a client live the retirement that they’ve dreamed about, help their child purchase their first home, or support charitable causes that they are passionate about.

Why is financial planning important, especially today?

I think financial planning is an incredibly important skill in today’s world. Unfortunately, young people are not taught many of the basic financial skills and principles in school. Therefore, it is incredibly important for individuals to have a trusted advisor who can educate them on financial issues and help them avoid making costly mistakes along the way.

What should your clients know the most about you?

I want my clients to know that I’m dedicated to making sure that all the bases are covered. I’m very well-organized, responsive, and always make sure that things get done correctly.

What does the world need now more than anything?

I think the world needs more compassion. One thing that I’ve learned throughout my career is that you never know what type of stress or personal issues someone is dealing with or obstacles they have had to overcome. If we could come at things with that in mind, I think that we could all understand each other a little better.

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