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Lindsey is a Partner in the New York office and has over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry with responsibility for portfolio investment strategies and asset allocation for high net worth and institutional clients. Lindsey is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He also serves on the Manager Selection Sub-Committee, Compliance Sub-Committee, Performance Monitoring Sub-Committee and the Best Execution Sub-Committee. Lindsey works in the New York office.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Lindsey was a Director in Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management’s New York office. He was responsible for asset allocation and manager review for investment assets in client portfolios. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank in 2010, Lindsey had spent four years at Citi Private Bank as an Investment Counselor. Prior to that, He spent seven years at US Trust Company and two years at Neuberger Berman.


  • B.A. in Communications, State University of New York at Albany
  • MBA, Stern School of Business at New York University

Q & A


Why is Investment Advisory important, especially today?

I’ve been in the financial industry for almost 25 years. As a result, I’ve experienced many markets cycles, many booms and busts, and have lived through some very challenging times in the markets. These experiences have taught me how to better process information, collaborate with clients and co-workers, and not make emotional decisions. This doesn’t mean I don’t connect with people on an inter-personal level. But, rather that I can better understand other people’s perspectives and make more informed decisions without letting emotions or feelings interfere. Given the current volatility in the markets, having experience and ‘steady hand’ can make all the difference in the world to help clients during challenging times.

What should your clients know the most about you?

I love what I do. I love discussing investments, the markets, the economy, etc. I enjoy being able to thoughtfully discuss a broad range of topics and how they might impact a client’s investments. It’s almost a necessity to understand everything from the markets in general, to economies overseas, to geopolitical events to individual portfolio strategies.

I’m a curious person by nature to the ability to constantly have to learn about so many varied topics fits me very well. I also love the fact that the markets are so dynamic, that every day is different, and that my ‘job’ as an advisor is never finished. I have to keep growing and learning each and every day to get better and to serve my clients to the best of my abilities.

What do you do in your personal life that helps you help your clients?

I’m very active in my personal life. I spend time with family, friends, exercise, coach kids’ sports teams, watch Jeopardy, and golf (when the weather’s nice). Because of these various activities, I have different roles and perspectives at different points in time. For example, when coaching a child’s sport, I need to be a motivator, positive, provide constructive feedback, etc. When I’m with friends, I’m curious about their personal and professional lives, which provides me with perspectives on my community as well as various parts of the economy. In almost all of these activities though, i’m connected to other people and/or my community. My ability to have close relationships with others is something my clients benefit from. I believe clients want to work with people they genuinely connect with and this is one of my strengths.

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