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Erica is a Partner in the New York office with more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry. She provides a broad range of services including tax compliance and planning, accounting, and business management.

Prior to joining Cerity Partners, Erica was a Vice President and Partner with EMM Wealth, where she served a diverse group of high-net-worth clients and their related entities. Earlier in her career, Erica was an audit supervisor with Berdon, LLP.



  • B.S. in Accounting from SUNY Binghamton


  • Certified Public Accountant

Q & A


What do you do in your personal life that helps you help your clients?

I grew up having no understanding at all of finances or financial management. I grew up feeling financially insecure, despite realizing that was not the case as an adult. With my own children, I have included them in family financial discussions and have tried to educate them on financial matters so they don’t have that same feeling of financial illiteracy or insecurity that I had. I feel that being able to educate my children on these matters at a simplified level has helped me break down the same concepts for my clients who may not be as financially sophisticated as we are as professionals.

What differentiates Cerity Partners from other firms in our space?

The wide range of professionals with expertise in different areas of financial management.

Who inspired you to pursue your career in financial management? How?

I pursued a degree in accounting because my father advised me that accounting and specifically becoming a CPA would be a safe and secure career path. He was a strong advocate of getting a certification or license.

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