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Rebecca is an Associate based in the Chicago office. She provides administrative support to partners and team members, provides day-to-day client service, and interfaces with custodians for ongoing account transactions and maintenance. With over 20 years of experience in client service and operations, Rebecca utilizes her skills and knowledge to ensure a superior client experience.

Before joining Cerity Partners, Rebecca worked as Director of Operations at Prentice Wealth Management where her responsibilities included client service, bookkeeping, office management and human resources.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Canisius College

Q & A


What inspired you to pursue your career in financial management?

When I was in my 20’s, I accepted a job as an admin at a large insurance/investment services firm. It was there that I began my career in the financial services industry. As I learned more about financial products and services, I began to realize how important it is for everyone to have a financial plan. Through the years, I’ve tried to learn as much as I could not only for our clients, but for myself and my family.

Why is your work important, especially today?

I think that superior client service is important, especially today, because it seems to be a lost art. As a client and customer myself, I know how frustrating it can be when we encounter a poor client service experience. Alternatively, I know how wonderful it can be when we encounter a great client experience.

What should your clients know the most about you?

I think the one thing that clients should know about me is that I take great pride in my work. No matter what the task is, large or small, it will have my full attention and will be completed accurately and efficiently. I make all of our clients’ needs a priority.

What kind of clients work best for you?

I enjoy working with clients who are engaged in our wealth management process. I love working with clients who feel like we are a team and that we’re working together to achieve their financial goals.

How would you describe your best day doing what you do?

I enjoy my day-to-day duties but my best days are when clients, who have worked hard to follow their financial plan, let us know that they finally were able to retire, or that they were able to buy that dream home or that they are able to pay for their child’s college education. Those are great days!

What does the world need now more than anything?

I think that the world needs more kindness and compassion. Technology has changed the way in which we interact and work with each other, making interactions very impersonal. Although this had made life more convenient, I think it’s also made us a bit isolated and at times maybe even lonely.

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